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The Rand Paul Evolution

The tea party leader outlines in an interview how his party needs to navigate the post-election environment.

How Dems quietly leaned on super PACs in 2012

A tick-tock of how a party that publicly derides super PACs relied heavily on the outside groups to save the Senate.

Behind the Mourdock implosion

Reporting from Indianapolis, and with exclusive interviews with the controversial conservative, a look at the fallout of his rape and abortion comments.

A battle for the Senate in Big Sky Country

A look at the state’s critical Senate race, reporting from the ground in Montana.

Congress’s mess of its own making

A year after the debt ceiling debacle, lawmakers may have created a bigger mess — and have no way of fixing it.

Why Harry Reid keeps attacking Romney

The Senate majority leader has the blessing of the president to wage a relentless attack against the GOP nominee — even if what he’s saying may not be true.

Olympia Snowe’s lingering resentment toward Maine GOP nominee

An in-depth look into a falling out between the most powerful woman in Maine and her former staffer who now wants her seat.

Al Franken keeps comedy in check — most of the time

Exclusive interviews with the former comedian and many senators shine a new light on the Minnesota Democrat.

Tommy Thompson dogged by ties to ‘Obamacare’

An examination of federal records shows that the Wisconsin Senate candidate’s post-government career blossomed from the health care law, which he now promises to repeal.

The makings of a debt deal

This article won the Merriman Smith Memorial Award from the White House Correspondents Association.