Behind the Mourdock implosion

Reporting from Indianapolis, and with exclusive interviews with the controversial conservative, a look at the fallout of his rape and abortion comments.

Manu Raju on MSNBC December 27, 2013

A battle for the Senate in Big Sky Country

A look at the state’s critical Senate race, reporting from the ground in Montana.

Daily Rundown, February 11, 2013

Congress’s mess of its own making

A year after the debt ceiling debacle, lawmakers may have created a bigger mess — and have no way of fixing it.

MSNBC, January 2013

Why Harry Reid keeps attacking Romney

The Senate majority leader has the blessing of the president to wage a relentless attack against the GOP nominee — even if what he’s saying may not be true.

CBS Up to the Minute, January 29, 2013

Olympia Snowe’s lingering resentment toward Maine GOP nominee

An in-depth look into a falling out between the most powerful woman in Maine and her former staffer who now wants her seat.

Bloomberg TV, February 6, 2013