McConnell’s plan to shut down Obama

Mitch McConnell has a game plan to confront President Barack Obama.

How Sen. Hagan’s husband won stimulus cash

When Kay Hagan voted for President Barack Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus package

Chuck Schumer’s Wall Street dilemma

Sen. Chuck Schumer swung by the 50th floor of Nasdaq’s Wall Street headquarters.

Why Pat Roberts doesn’t feel safe

GOP civil war: A coup in Colorado

It was a bloodless coup.

Murkowski-Begich tension looms over Senate race

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is a valuable member of his “team”.

Ted Cruz’s next fight: Immigration

Ted Cruz plans to take a hard-line stand.

GOP moderates revolt in Kansas

Moderate Republicans have been kicked around by the tea party.

Obama cousin, tea party take toll on Pat Roberts

Eric Cantor had just lost his job.

CNN, September 2014